Tiny souls, bereft of almost everything in life come to Sunaayy for an education. We, thereby, dedicated and determined, make it our mission to give them just that - Education, coupled with the care, attention and guardianship that they need and deserve. But most of all we give them a platform to take off, and a belief in oneself to stand up and face the world.

We, as a team of devoted and committed individuals, have enthusiastically volunteered and pledged to carry Sunaayy on our shoulders to greater heights. We promise to nourish, and give them strong roots, cajole them to softly blossom, and help them grow strong, capable wings. We, the torchbearers, are fueled by our vision and our dream for Sunaayy.

The purity and innocence of these tiny souls provides us with enough motivation, zeal and passion to light up every pair of these eyes with a dream.

The vision, the dream, is very simple - To bring the light of hope into the lives of each little soul, to help them reach the highest realms of life with confidence, to kindle their hidden talents, earnest dreams and deepest desires, to give them a practical yet beautiful vision, to give them new dreams and the strength to achieve, but most importantly, to nurture, cherish and evolve.

Sunaayy, with its wholehearted determination, will walk with these tiny souls as far as it takes, to give them a stable, grounded, independent and liberated future.

Walk with us. Walk with Sunaayy.