I don't remember the time when I started thinking of Sunaayy or of the first person on this planet with whom I shared the idea of Sunaayy. No, I can't remember that. Or, was it just me, my own self within me?

People often say that it is tough to be an entrepreneur. I am sure that this is for people who nurture such dreams. As far as I am concerned, I never dreamt of being one. What I have been doing and continue to do today , is very much a part of me. And, it is definitely so and how I know that it comes from my core. It is not about a goal that I have set for myself and that I have to achieve. No, I don't have one here. It is also true that I never follow or go by the book at any point in time. And here, the only thing that I had always wanted to do was to bring forth and give life to this sensitivity that I have, that is somewhere embedded deep down in me.

Sunaayy started taking a footprint way back but perhaps then, I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do or how I wanted to do it. My brain would switch off when I would attempt to write about my vision for Sunaayy. My hands would tremble when I would fail to put my thoughts together to make a fundraising document. I guess this was due to my lack of experience in this area. The path that I had chosen somehow seemed difficult and endless and I couldn't see myself going ahead immediately, also in the medium run. I wasn't even sure whether I would have been able to convince anyone to understand my thoughts and help me in the way I envisioned it.
At that point in time, I took certain steps, unsure of where it may lead to, questioning what it may turn out to be, just alone in this journey following my thoughts and what I intended to do. This wasn't backed by any plan or funding or even a soul to stand by me and I was there holding on to my thoughts, allowing it to grow its roots and spread its wings.

Standing now, I can say that these years since 2009 have not been easy for me, for Sunaayy, yet it was neither too difficult. Hostility definitely comes from one's surroundings as much as it comes from within oneself. This may be a reason to quit but in the mind it plays as strongly as the need to go on.

There were times when I would sit under the same tree from where we started and get lost in my world. It is true that Sunaayy is a reflection of me, who I am and who I wish to be. And, inspite of the glamor that social work generates in today's world, it is also true that Sunaayy has its own story. A story of how people, be it friends and community at large, come forward to give it back to their own land, to their own conscience.

And, today, I can only express my gratitude to one and all that have stood by Sunaayy all this while and also to those who did not stay. Without either one of them, we would not have realized our strength and achieved our values.

From here on, I only wish that we strengthen all that we have stood for these years. For me, the only thing that will last is the Intention to go on.

Richa Prasant