About Us

Education is a human right with immense power to transform." - Kofi Atta Annan (Diplomat)

We believe that children, from all walks of life, deserve hope for the future - a hope that can be sparked through education. Sunaayy brings the light of this hope to underprivileged children, arming them with the confidence to dream, and the strength to make these dreams come true.

At Sunaayy we believe that these little ones, though deprived of most things we take for granted, are definitely entitled to an education. We make it our mission to provide structured learning along with personal care, attention and guardianship, to fuel a successful chance at living life on one's own terms.

We believe in giving children strong roots through careful nurturing, acceptance, security and love, with the strength to hold on to the values they imbibe. We also give them wings by helping them gain confidence, skills, knowledge and the opportunities that education imparts.

We believe in the inherent capabilities of each child, and strive to unlock their talents, passions and dreams, helping them bloom and evolve joyfully.

Human Rights

But mostly, at Sunaayy, we hold their hand, empower them with education and nurturing, and walk with them till they are confident of making their own way forward.

The volunteers from "A Fresh Chapter" (www.afreshchapter.com), who have dedicated themselves to transforming lives, have now connected Sunaayy Foundation to the rest of the world with this beautiful heart warming gesture...