Face of Sunaayy in the United States of America

Our friends in the west have been constantly helping us to take Sunaayy Foundation to the next level. They contribute by spreading the word about Sunaayy, the cause for which we exist and how we function on a day to day basic to make a difference.

Myles Minton, is our biggest cheerleader and has always believed in the vision for Sunaayy and the work we are doing. Cecily Jackson Zapata, a field contributor in Sunaayy, is one of our prominent faces in the US. Misty Polihronakis, who volunteered in Sunaayy in the past, is actively spreading the word for Sunaayy. Among our other friends, Katherine Minton, who has also worked with Sunaayy, shares her experience in her blog to create more awareness.

Our Supporters

  • PTC Foundation
  • Max India Foundation
  • Magnify Education
  • CAF India
  • T&S Brass
  • Russell Reynolds Associates