How you can help


  • You can help facilitate a One Time Sustained Funding from Individuals/Corporates.
  • You can help coordinate a Cyclic Funding from Corporates/Organizations to build a Corpus for Larger Initiatives (e.g. Sponsoring a Child’s Education until they Graduate or beyond)


  • You can help partner with Healthcare Companies to provide Medical Check-Ups addressing Basic Health Issues.
  • You can liaison with Individuals/Corporates involved in Teacher/Staff Training & Development for Ongoing Training Programs.
  • You can help join us with Organizations to help spread the word about Sunaayy and the areas that it can act as a Change Agent.
  • You can help link us up using Social Websites or get us involved with Social Media to increase Sunaayy’s visibility.


  • You can get involved Personally as with Like-Minded Individuals to help Sunaayy Local Chapters.
  • You can directly help set up New Centers of Sunaayy within Your Community (applicable in communities only where this model can be replicated keeping in mind the Geo-Political Scenario).