From the Pilot Project that started with a meagre 6 children across one center,
today SunaayyFoundation takes care of more than 450 students on board 

Sunaayy takes off as an initiative in -

Our Impactful Stories


Again, many like Zayed, can’t concentrate on what’s being taught to them. And why? His family can’t afford to feed him breakfast before school.  We feel privileged to be able to offer food and basic nutrients needed for any child to function properly on any given day.


Tauseef is a unique example of a child who gets bullied and ridiculed because of a condition (Ichthyosis, a skin disease where dry and dead skin cells accumulate on the body instead of being shed, creating a snakeskin-like appearance) that he can’t to much about. The trauma of this was such that he almost cocooned himself. Since our intervention, Tauseef has been able to get the schooling that he needed. Currently, he has enrolled in a Public/Government Boys’ Senior Secondary School and aspires to be a doctor.

The Heart Of Sunaayy

We at Sunaayy, owe much of our success to the dedicated teachers caring for children every day.
Farida has been with us since our inception. Initially, she thought of getting her daughter enrolled in Sunaayy. We got her enrolled too as she wanted to learn, subjects that she couldn’t pursue as a child herself.
Teachers like Farida have been instrumental in helping the students at Sunaayy grow through meticulously planned activity-based exercises.