Milestones Ahead

At Sunaayy, we continue to look ahead, focusing on future milestones that we hope to accomplish.

We believe that children, from all walks of life, deserve hope for the future – a hope that can be sparked through education. Sunaayy brings the light of this hope to underprivileged children, arming them with the confidence to dream, and the strength to make these dreams come true.

At Sunaayy we believe that these little ones, though deprived of most things we take for granted, are definitely entitled to an education. We make it our mission to provide structured learning along with personal care, attention and guardianship, to fuel a successful chance at living life on one’s own terms

Setting up a support system for children at Sunaayy ensuring their enrollment in regular schools, such that parents are not burdened with accompanying costs while the children retain their love for learning
Collaborating with various vocational centres for older children who cannot be enrolled in schools, such that they might acquire skills that help them find employment and eventually, financial freedom

Harnessing the artistic skills of the children at Sunaayy and using it to create products that are sold to generate income for the children and Sunaayy
Replicating this project across New Delhi initially