Path Forward

We have been learning all the way throughout our journey for over a decade and going forward we
plan to focus on more avenues of how to quickly however organically spread what we currently do.

Spreading Education - No Set Boundaries

Challenge -

  • Education should not be limited by geography. However, the truth is that children residing in certain areas are deprived of quality education due to their inability to come to big cities.
  • Reversely, Well Trained Educators aren’t always able to physically reach to such areas providing quality education.

Plans -

  • We at Sunaayy plan to bring technology and education together to address this gap so that education does reach even the farthest corner.
  • We have been eyeing for tie-ups with service providers to design a module whereby education can be delivered to remote villages across the country.
  • Educators ‘from the city’ would deliver lessons on various subjects through live interactive streaming, whereby the children and the teacher would be able to interact with each other.
  • We also plan to expand our work physically to cities and towns other than the ones currently served.