Who we are

Sunaayy adopts an issues-based approach to focus on a critical development challenge, an issue that we aspire to tackle in the medium to long-term. For us, the key focus area is 

Addressing the poor education, health, hygiene and
nourishment outcomes of children from underprivileged and
marginalized households

Despite there being a number of government and private schools in india with purported access to economically backward students, a large number of children are unable to access these formal or informal schools

Sometimes, this is due to the limited number of seats available in neighborhood government and private schools

At other times, there are isues related to enrollment of over-aged children

There is a lack of manpower and resources in terms of number of teachers and infrastructure facilities.

Lack of documentation such as birth certificates or alternative age-proof documents often hapers enrollment

Improved education, nutrition and health results for children of migrant and marginalized households

Illiteracy and lack of awareness among parents about the right to free and compulsory education and children;s basic rights means that a large number of children are unable to avail of existing educational and health facilities

Household duties give these children neither the time nor the flexibility to attend regular schools

Poverty and the lack of quality or even basic educational facilities compels parents to adopt a mindset that going to school is a waste of time and money and their children are better off taking care of the home till they are themselves old enough to go to work

There is no monitoring of migrant children’s outcomes

Inhumane conditions in slums, informal settlement clusters, pavements, under flyovers, near construction sites, make-shift tenements, etc.

Parents who are from the economically challenged sections of our society, have their hands and minds tied due to economic and social constraints.

Parents not informed on health and sanitation best practices